Full Name
Hodan Barreh
Member, Youth Advisory Council, PERIOD
Speaker Bio
Hodan Barreh is an 18-year-old from Austin, Texas. Her background includes being a Somali, Muslim Amerian women. She has been surrounded by period stigma her whole life and seeing the healthcare system fail women of color when it pertains to them being in period pain. In response, she has dedicated her work to fighting for the period movement and ensuring that it is intersectional and crediting people of color for their work behind the movement. Her work includes working within period clinics, correcting period organizations and their lack of diversity or thought about minorities, and talking to people within this movement on how we could be more inclusive to all different types of people. Lastly, Hodan enjoys being surrounded by different perspectives when being involved within this movement to ensure everyone is sharing their thoughts about what we could do better.
Hodan Barreh