Full Name
Debora Grandison
Heart Disease Advocate and Survivor
Speaker Bio
Debora Grandison is a 32-Yr. Survivor of Heart Disease, Type 1 Diabetes and Graves Disease and she is living life to the fullest with an insulin pump and a pacemaker. Debora’s mission is to advocate and educate as many women as possible, through sharing her personal journey and has been requested to speak on local, national and global platforms.

Debora was trained as a WomenHeart Champion for WomenHeart, The National Coalition for Women With Heart Disease in at The Mayo Clinic in 2013 and serves as a Speaker and Educator, for the American Heart Association and was selected as a GO RED FOR WOMEN Real Woman, National Spokesperson in 2019.

Debora’s 32-year health journey and 20 yr misdiagnosis, increased her faith and has given her the strength to “Rise Above” adversity. She believes that she is STILL here with the purpose of helping others understand that they too can “Rise Above” their challenges…no matter what they might be!

Debora is the Founder of “SHE SPEAKS FROM A JOYFUL HEART” where she uses her inspirational poetry, shares daily scripture verses, personal coaching and prayer to encourage, inspire and empower others. Debora believes that the words that we speak over ourselves have a direct impact on our physical and our mental health and that there’s significant healing power in our words.
Debora Grandison